lunedì, luglio 03, 2006


Riceviamo, e davvero molto volentieri, pubblichiamo. Aspettando il ritorno di Richrad Johnston in città. Intanto, chi volesse, facci un giro su: .

I hope you are well and in good spirits. I'm writing from my hotel room in Rome. My time here has been fantastic for so many reasons, mainly due to the great people who put together the tour! I must give special Thanks to Ferdinando, GianLuca, PietroPaolo, and Tony. Last night, as a promotional for the festival, I played on the street for approx 2,000 people in the middle of a plaza named Piazza Immacolata. They made sure that I also had a chance to see the Colosseum, Vatican, Aquaducts, gates to the city, Basilica and eat some of the best food on the planet. Pictures are posted on my site (link). Three more shows to do and I will return from Italy with memories that are beyond words. I've seen the city and the countryside, the rich and the poor, many beautiful contradictions of Italian society and, in the end, I have made friendships that will last a life-time. All Thanks to Rootsway Blues Festival and Mojo Station Festival.
Tutti, mille grazie.

Richard Johnston

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